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Journey of Recognition Earrings

Journey of Recognition Earrings

GST Included

Earrings depict the story of Journey of Recognition -The journey of recognition depicted in the painting unfolds as a profound narrative, tracing the path of acknowledgment and understanding. It symbolizes the collective journey of reconciliation and appreciation, where the struggles and contributions of individuals are honoured and valued. Through this visual representation, the painting becomes a poignant reminder of the ongoing quest for recognition, understanding, and unity. The painting captures the profound journey of the ANZACS and the Frontier wars, intertwining symbols that resonate with the collective experiences of all those who served. Each gathering symbolises the diverse paths traversed by the Ancestors and Veterans throughout the trials of war. The painting is a poignant acknowledgment of the frontier wars and the courageous journey undertaken by our ancestors who fought in these conflicts. It serves as a testament to the progress made by veterans, highlighting the distance we have traveled since those tumultuous times.The kangaroo spirit symbolises abundance, a motif intricately woven into the painting to represent the veterans and ancestors and their noble fight. Their struggle was not merely for victory in battle but to secure abundance and prosperity for all Australians. This powerful imagery encapsulates the enduring legacy of their sacrifice and the aspiration for a bountiful future for the nation. The Emu spirit symbolises endurance, serving as a central motif in the painting. It embodies the resilience and steadfast determination of the ancestors and veterans who faced adversity during their service. Through the depiction of the emu, the painting captures the enduring spirit of these individuals, reflecting their unwavering commitment and strength in the face of challenges.It serves as a powerful testament to the reconciliation of Australia, reminding us of our shared heritage and the beauty of this land we proudly call home.

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